How to make money online in Germany

How to make money online in Germany

How to make money online in Germany

Before I present the different options, I would like to point out that this article does not provide solutions to the sources of income that you can live from without any other work or making a lot of money in a short time. Aside from the fact that it's not easy anyway, the following tips are for everyone who wants to make a little money on the side of Nebenbei Geld Verlaine without much effort.


If you love to write, have good general knowledge, and also want to deal with new topics, then copywriting is a good and quick way to earn some money from the internet.

Platforms like specialize in exactly this activity and offer the possibility to earn something extra by writing texts. But also public websites, such as, offer a wide variety of jobs for those who can write texts.

The chances of earning are not very high, especially in the beginning, but you get a decent amount of rewards. Later on, you can earn more if you have a lot of satisfied regular customers.


The online microservices market is booming. This is, of course, because many simply want to earn a few euros, but clients also appreciate that enthusiastic contractors are available to take on small jobs.

Platforms such as or enable simple tasks such as writing, creating content, researching, or creating graphics. Of course, there must be a certain amount of experience and know-how in the respective field. But then you can easily get by with small jobs.

You certainly won't get rich with this (like any of the tips in this article), but for now, these platforms offer small jobs to earn a little extra. By request, it can sometimes be more than just pocket money.

Some product recommendations offers the possibility of earning money when it comes to recommending new clients from your family and acquaintances, and through these recommendations, you can receive a reward.

This method is good for those who have many acquaintances and friends.

Commission Marketing—Affiliate

Yes, you can also earn money through affiliate marketing. You don't need a website. All Partner Programs can be used and benefited from social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. If you are already active on those platforms and post content frequently. In the article below, some sites that operate the affiliate system.

Affiliate Marketing

eBay is a global and very well-known site in Germany, where you can benefit from it by selling things that you no longer benefit from and that you do not need

You can quickly turn dead capital into money via eBay. You only need to take a picture and insert a neat description of the ad, on the other hand, is more suitable for selling used items and can reach customers near your place of residence in Germany. Note: You cannot sell new things in large quantities, as this is considered a violation of German law. If you want to work on eBay continuously and sell various goods, you must have Gewerbeschein with some other declarations.

Selling special products 

Do you have a craft hobby and want to sell your products? Why not sell it online?

Platforms like Etsy offer exactly this possibility. Here you can publish and sell your creations without technical knowledge or any other effort.

Of course, you have to advertise the product literally with the addition of high-quality images, these sites are the best sites for creative people. There are many people earning money continuously.

Answering questionnaires and surveys

Surveys are one of the online earning opportunities that I only recommend to a certain extent. There is now the possibility of earning money for each survey answer, but of course, this is not always profitable.

However, there are plenty of platforms on the internet that offer these services. For example,

If you want to earn a few Euros now and then, paid surveys are worth a try. There are many such sites that I will add later in this article.

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