How to earn money with Admob

How to earn money with Admob 

What is Admob | How to earn money with Admob

Google Admob is a mobile advertising service operated by Google. You should know that we use Google Adsense to place ads on websites and Youtube videos, the same way AdMob is used to place ads in mobile apps, Many people are wondering how app developer earns because we get different types of apps free on Google Play Store and Apple Store (Limited Free App). Let me tell you that most app developers resort to ads to make money from their apps.

Google Admob is a mobile advertising service through which app developers can earn by placing ads on their apps. Admob is not limited to providing mobile advertising services, but there are many mobile advertising networks.

Google Admob is the best mobile advertising network because it can make a lot of money. If you are also developing apps, you can earn some money by placing Google Admob ads, it is available for both Android and iOS, The parent company of AdMob is Google, but Google did not create AdMob. Admob was launched on April 10, 2006. In November 2009, Google bought it for $750 million. Apple also showed interest in buying AdMob, but Google bought it after paying a huge amount.

On May 27, 2010, the advertising service Admob became wholly owned by Google. With time, a lot of features have been added to the service after development and improvement by Google, and today Admob is considered the number 1 mobile advertising platform in the world. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA.

How Admob works

Google Admob is a platform for mobile advertising, suppose you have developed or created an application and you want to promote it and reach people through ads, as an advertiser you will pay money to Google to promote your application through advertising, Google will display your ads on many applications and platforms,Google will keep a portion of the money you will pay for promotion and give a portion to the app developer who displays your ads on their app.

How to create a Google Admob account

If you already have a Google Adsense account, you do not need to create an Admob account, because Admob is also associated with Google Adsense. AdMob and Adsense Advertising Platform both belong to Google, so these two platforms have been linked together. Admob earnings are paid through your Adsense account.

How to sign up for Admob 

  • First, go to the official website of Admob
  • After going to the Admob website, click on “Register” in the right corner
  • Register now by entering your Google email and password 
  • The next page will open, where you have to fill in your details.
  • Choose the country
  • Select the billing currency
  • After that, a new page will open, accept the terms and conditions
  • Then click on create an account, after that, a new page will open where you have to mark all and then click on continue to Admob

Now you have to verify the email by opening your email, an email will be sent by Google Admob indicating that the Admob account has been created successfully f you are asked to enter the mobile number, then enter your mobile number, then the 6-digit OTP number will appear on the mobile number, verify the mobile by entering the OTP number you can use Admob ads on Android Lite phones and all mobile apps to earn money and publish your apps on Google Play Store or another app store.

How to earn from Google Admob

At the beginning of the launch of Admob ads, there was not much focus on it, but the number of mobile applications gradually increased, after the big increase, Google focused on Admob ads and created the best mobile application advertising system in the world that people now earn a lot of money from. If you are a developer or you have an interest in it, you can also make money sitting at home, this is the main source of earning from apps.

It will give you aids, it will appear like Adsense Ads and it will be mobile-friendly because it gives you two kinds of aids like Adsense Ads Images Ads and Text Ads where you also get Responsive Ads Create App and Admob Ads After taking it and uploading it on PlayStore you will earn with RPM and rate CPC.

How much do you earn from AdMob?

One of the most common questions app developers ask about Google AdMob is how much money can be earned from AdMob. The answer to this question depends on several factors.

The ads you add to your app generate revenue per thousand impressions and clicks. However, the net income you will earn will vary based on many different factors. Among them, ad units are the most decisive factor.

For example, video ads can bring in different revenue based on when they are shown; Rewarded ads, on the other hand, earn more because they cannot be bypassed. Ad clicks will earn you a direct amount of money, but this money varies depending on the company that posted the ad in your app. Company X may offer 0.10 cents to click and download their ad, while Company Y may offer $2 in the same situation.

The country in which your app is used is also important to earnings. For example, there can be a significant difference between the earnings of advertising shown in Arab countries and the advertising displayed in the United States. Likewise, other factors that affect mobile app ad revenue include hours, days, frequency of ad serving, and the number of active users using your app.

Overall, AdMob is the best ad network you can choose when you want to add ads to your app for mobile app monetization. You can use it easily as long as you don't violate Google's Admob Policy and stick to it.

To Earn money from Admob

you have to follow the process given below. You can make money from Admob by following these methods.

  1. If you want to earn from Admob, you must have an AdMob account first.
  2. You must have your app, you can develop an android app from an app developer for example appyet, or if you have knowledge in app development, you can develop the app by yourself. In this application, you can easily earn money by creating an ad unit by going to your Admob account and adding this ad unit within the application, and then uploading the application to the App Play Store or another store.
  3. When someone downloads your app from the Play Store, they will be shown ads and you will earn income when they click on that ad or earn from every thousand impressions.
  4. The more apps you download, the more you earn from Admob.
  5. To upload your app to the Google Play Store, you need to create an account and pay $25 one-time. After that, you can upload your app to the Play Store.

What is the difference between AdSense and AdMob?

Here are some of the differences between AdSense and Google AdMob:

The main difference between AdSense and Google AdMob is its use. Google AdSense is for bloggers, websites, and YouTube while Admob is for app developers.

Signing up and getting an AdSense account is very difficult. You need to put 10 to 15 articles in addition to a good blog design or the case of YouTube, you need to join the YouTube Partner Program. Getting an Admob account is easier and faster.

The money you earn from Admob will be transferred to your Google AdSense account.
Google AdSense ad formats are different from Google AdMob ad formats. Implementing Google AdSense ads is much easier compared to adding the AdMob SDK to your app to display ads within your apps.

Note: Google Adsense ads are not allowed to be placed in smartphone applications.

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